George Woods

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Coloured pencils

430mm w x 525mm h

George Woods was born in 1898 in Kumara, Westland, New Zealand.

He attended the old Wellington Art school and after visiting America and the Pacific in his twenties, he freelanced for a time as a commercial artist in Australia and New Zealand and later worked for both Charles Haines and IIlots advertising agencies.

Towards the end of his life, he devoted himself entirely to producing prints and drawing for his own enjoyment, supplementing his income with occasional work for the school journals produced by the Department of Education. 

A New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts retrospective exhibition catalogue of George Woods work in 1966 states in its introduction text that ‘he cared not at all what people though of his work, and in his later years emphasised his disregard by seldom exhibiting. For this reason his work is comparatively unknown to the younger generation of artists’.

George Woods
George Woods

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