Walter Knoll - The Furniture Brand of Modernity

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Patterson | Houses of Aotearoa 

Andrew Patterson

Walter Knoll, the furniture bran of modernity, is responsible for the creation of numerous avant-garde classics and icons - style-setting interiors incessantly shaping our attitude towards life for over 150 years. 

The influential personalities were Wilhelm, Walter, and Hans Knoll and, for more than 25years to date, Markus Benz. As a biography, this book traces the development of the company Walter Knoll. It describes the founding of a furniture dynasty that has spanned over a century and a half, placed within the context of major cultural and historical developments.

The lavishly illustrated volume with captivating text by best-selling author Bern Polster not only tells the company's story, but at the same time enables readers to experience a piece of both contemporary and design history.